What is Young Kids In Transition (Y.K.I.T)?

This program is designed to provide services to children of the parents that use our services. We are dedicated to making sure children are protected, and educated. We offer workshops, entertainment, and activities for youth boys and girls. We believe that collectively, parents and children can work together and be a support system to each other. 


What is Young Ladies in Transition? (Y.L.I.T)

This program involves working with young ladies ages 18-24 so that they can have a meaningful, and successful life. We partner with local agencies that provide move-in housing assistance and we incorporate wrap around services to ensure they are self sufficient in their new residence. We have several resources and referrals for these young ladies, rather they are single individuals or mothers. We are here to provide them with several opportunities to continue to grow, advance, mature, and develop into young ladies of society despite any adverse challenges. 

We always need Volunteers/Supporters

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