When families experience the loss of the father or the mother, the surviving parent is left to be the sole provider of any children they may have. This program involves working with those parents, so that they can continue to have a meaningful, and purposeful life despite any grieving, and challenges they may face. We partner with local agencies that provide several services, resources, and referrals for these young families. We are here to provide them with opportunities to continue to grow, advance, mature, and develop into productive parents, despite any loss they have had to experience as they raise their children.

    Parents in Transition (P.I.T)

Young Kids in Transition(Y.K.I.T)

This program is designed to provide services to children of the parents that use our services. We are dedicated to making sure children feel loved, protected, and are educated despite their loss. We offer workshops, entertainment, and activities to support the children we serve as well. We believe that collectively, parents and children can work together and be a support system to each other. 

Support Services

Plan of Action- Employment and Academic Readiness

Home & Life Skill Workshops

 Home Supplies/Resources


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