Peer mentoring for our organization means mentoring young girls, and mentoring older teen girls that are trying to find their way in life. With assistance of a mentor, our goal is to establish new relationships, increase socialization skills, enhance academic progress, gain high level of self- esteem, promote stable living for girls, and ultimately mold her to be her best and make wise decisions in her current and future endeavors despite any adverse circumstance. 




What is Youth Girl In Transition (Y.G.I.T)?

This program involves an after school/summer program that works with girls ages 12-18, enrolled in middle/high school, and has a desire to be a part of a life changing program. This is a very unique program created to help our girls and parents to encourage stable living and life skills. We partner with local schools and other youth serving organizations around teh city of Memphis. 

*Offered to all 6th-12th grade participants*

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What is Young Ladies in Transition? (Y.L.I.T)

This program involves working with girls ages 18-24 that are experiencing homelessness, but is now transitioninig out of homelessness into a residence of their own. We partner with local agencies that provide move-in housing assistance and we incorporate wrap around services to ensure they are self sufficient in their new residence. We have several resources and referrals for these young ladies. We are here to provide them with several opportunities to continue to grow, advance, mature, and develop into young ladies of society despite any adverse challenges.